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What is Klassroom.io?

Klassroom.io is a fully managed platform for online and hybrid learning that allows you to build your very own online school.

Here's Why

No IT Team

No need to worry about an IT team or unreliable contractors.Our platform and support team provide you with all the necessary tools for updating and customizing your online classroom.We take care of the tech so you can focus on what matters most to you!

Great Value

Instead of paying thousands of dollars upfront, pay smaller fees based on how much you use the platform.Whether you're already online or not, our free plan could reduce your costs or give you a brand new revenue stream with zero maintenance.

Go Paperless

All past course material and student data are archived and neatly organized for future access, facilitating the process of ministry inspection.Aside from reducing waste, teachers and students no longer need to carry stacks of paper around.

On-Boarding and Setup

Send us a list of your courses and enrollments, and your school will be online in less than 48 hours! You will get a customized login page and access to the platform from your school website.

Your teachers can then upload course material on their own schedule. Our support team is always available to provide free training to your staff and students, both on site and via webinar.

We will also import courses from other LMS systems like Moodle and D2L to make your move to Klassroom.io as smooth as possible!

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